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Yoga basics

This basics class welcomes new students and experienced practitioners alike. Offered at a slower pace, our basics class focuses on the basic yoga postures, principles of alignment with precise cueing and the significance of the breath in our practice. Modifications and variations for every pose will be offered for diverse body types and abilities.


Looking for a yoga class that energizes while helping you to build strength and flexibility? In this flow class you will link conscious breath with mindful movement. Awaken to your strength, self-awareness, and flexibility in a fun and empowering way! Modifications offered for all experience levels.

Prana Vinyasa

Students will learn a variety of breathing practices and start each class with 10 minutes of pranayama. The class will intend to build the subtle energy body by focusing on breath based movement within flow and static holds. Breath will be emphasized through the entire class. Class will end with soothing chi gong practices and guided relaxation to soften the mind and heal the nervous system.


Restorative yoga is the yoga of deep rest. It is an invitation to make self-care a priority. Through gentle movement, simple breath work, guided relaxation and full support of the body in restorative yoga postures, the student is led into a state of deep rest and healing. This practice is a powerful antidote to the accumulated effects of stress. Quiet the body and mind, melt into stillness, and explore rest as a powerful, spiritual, and medicinal force.

*Donation Based Restorative Yoga Community Classes can be attended using a class card or making a donation of any size or kind


A slow flow with an emphasis on the breath enhanced by Reiki.
This class is open to all levels- no experience required.

Reiki is a spiritual healing energy that promotes stress reduction, relaxation and healing. The technique is based on the principle that the healer can channel energy to the receiver (with or without touch) and activate the natural healing processes of the body to restore physical, emotional and mental well-being. Students will receive Reiki during the practice or in savasana.

Restorative YOga and Reiki

A Restorative Yoga practice with Reiki. Each class will be led by a yoga teacher and assisted by a Reiki practition

Restorative and Gentle Yoga

In this class we will increase body awareness, relieve stress, reduce muscle tension and inflammation while sharpening concentration and calming the nervous system. We will learn techniques to coax the body into a relaxation response allowing us to reduce stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Once a relaxation response can be achieved, many people feel that instead of trying to escape their feelings, they can stay with them, which is an essential step toward identifying the factors that trigger their anxiety and depression, and eventually lessen them.


Enjoy a traditional approach to your gentle yoga practice. Expect to hold postures longer and learn the benefits of each pose. Class is appropriate for beginners and experienced yogis alike.


Break up the work day with Yoga. This class will help you restore a sense of balance and calm right in the middle of the day, when you may need it most.

Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement is a unique blend of yoga, movement, and meditation. Each class offers the opportunity to practice deeper awareness and self-care.

Breath focused yoga and movement build strength and resilience in the body. Mindfulness practices help build focus, calm the mind, and unwind the nervous system.


Mindful Movement with Massage Therapy Balls

In this class, we will move with intention to slow down and deepen our awareness of body and breath to reveal the hidden gems of deep release, healing, and empowerment stored within. Between alignment principles and a heart-based philosophy grounded in your everyday world, you'll be surprised to discover what you're capable of. Each class will include slow flow, deep stretches, and massage ball therapy techniques to invite a sense of deep relaxation to restore and renew every system in your body.

*Please note the balls are not recommended for bruised skin or broken bones. If you have osteoporosis, please check with your doctor before attending this or any new body wellness program.

Yoga for Neuro-Health Qi

This class is slow paced and concentrates on asanas that support and heal the parasympathetic nervous system and energetic system of the body. Several supportive props are used; bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps, balls, and more to allow and empower the students to experience various poses and unwind chronic tension. A combination of healing practices are incorporated into this class such as Breath Work, Meditation, Healing Touch with Essential Oils, QiGong, Tia Chi, Yin. All techniques utilized aim to awaken and balance the systems of the body (Qi).


Vitalizing the Meridians through Life Nourishing Movements

In Traditional Chinese medicine, Qi is the life energy that infuses living beings and pervades the universe. Like a river of life, Qi flows in our body along pathways called meridians, making us whole, vital, and full of life. We will nourish and connect with the main sensory organs and the whole body through meridian massage, relax and increase microcirculation to our thinking mind and our busy body.

Form and Flow

This class weaves together vinyasa including sun salutations, longer held poses and concise, therapeutic alignment. This class brings together the best of both worlds to cultivate a strong, supple body and a peaceful mind. Some days we may do more flow and some days we may do more alignment, going deeper into the poses and practicing svadhyaya (self-study).

Free Flow

This flow class is designed to help you connect to YOUR practice. Because every body will experience the practice differently, this class offers a variety of options and modifications of poses to help you find what feels good in your body. Whether that is heading straight to Shavasana or adding in extra Vinyasa flows, this class will provide you with the freedom to make this practice completely yours.

Soulful Power Flow

Power meets soul in this 60-minute Vinyasa class. Together we will step onto our mats and create a beautiful pattern of motion and energy. We will transition through poses in a way that allows you to become deeply aware of the breath to movement connection—be prepared to be mindfully challenged. This class is designed to promote freedom in the physical body and will give your soul permission to shine.


Myofacial Stretching

Decrease pain and gain flexibility. Let our Expert Level Myofascial Release therapist guide you through 90 minutes of stretching and compression for decreased pain, increased energy levels, and more movement in your every day. You don't have to rust out! Foam rollers, therapy balls and a whole new world of self care. Myofascial Stretching is a class suitable for all levels.


Aquí se habla español. And sometimes English. Y en reality, un poco de los dos. Pero seguro que esta clase es para todos. This class is for everyone.

¡Esta clase de yoga es para beginners totalmente! All levels welcome, both in Spanish knowledge and yoga knowledge. Vas a aprender a traer movimiento con la respiración y mantener una conexión a su cuerpo. Vas a aprender que el yoga extiende mucho más que los movimientos físicos. We will learn how to create a base for self-care, in a way that is more than simply physical care, while also creating an environment for community care.

Si eres primera generación o segunda, hasta tercera generacion latinx, if you are only recently learning Spanish, come! ¡Llega! This class welcomes non native and native speakers alike. Ni el yoga tienes que saber. Just show up. Y cuídate.

*Can be attended using a class card or a $10 drop-in rate