Joy Of Yoga in St. Louis is a warm and welcoming neighborhood studio with classes designed to meet
students at all levels of the practice. We offer well rounded classes, and are here to help our students
grow- physically, mentally and spiritually. Our teachers are all certified and have a deep
love of teaching and the practice. We think our slogan says it all:

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JOY MONTES  |  Joy started practicing Hatha Yoga in Portland, OR in 1994. Portland is where she fell in love with all aspects of yoga- the physical, mindful and spiritual components equally drawing her to the practice. As she was later establishing a family and a career, her physical yoga practice fell by the wayside only to resurface later playing the lead role in restoring balance in what was becoming an increasingly chaotic lifestyle. Experiencing the transformative powers of yoga again, she decided that it was time to share and spread this gift through teaching. Joy's classes interweave the physical asanas with subtle body awareness,  yoga philosophy with mindfulness, and meditation with pranayama. She aims to inspire confidence, joy and an overall sense of well being in each and every class!


ANNIE TRACHSEL  |  Annie has been “officially” practicing yoga since 2001. However, even as a young child at the age of 10, she found relief from muscular pains caused from an injury that lead her to a body cast for several months, by doing many stretches which later in life she learned to be yoga poses she practices today. Yoga is her passion. She completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2009 at Yoga Source. As a rehabilitated patient herself, having to relearn how to walk, twice in her life, she has experienced the therapeutic benefits of yoga. She was searching for a complete system that would merge the traditional essence of yoga, sport’s medicine, and stress reduction which is how her practice has bloomed. She strives to be an inspirational and creative leader who guides students toward awareness and control of their own bodies and minds. As a yoga teacher, her goal is to enable others to experience a release through mindfulness, stretch and strength. Annie has been inspired through yoga to work with awareness of the physical body and mind to help alleviate pain and resistance, mentally and physically. She wants to share with others what she has learned through her yoga practice.


TIFFANY WEIL  |  Tiffany's classes are vinyasa based, taking inspiration from an array of yogic styles she has studied. She loves variety and offers a diverse practice that is geared towards the energy of the class. Look to have fun, and be challenged!


ALYONA KOMOLOVA  |  Alyona has been teaching since 2003 and has never lost her love for her practice, her students and her teachers. She is aspiring to practice playfulness, gratitude and loving kindness on and off the mat.

LAURA MACALUSO  |  Laura started practicing years ago but it wasn't until the last few years that she found herself fully submerging into the practice both on and off the mat. Being a vinyasa based guide, her classes will push you to find your edge while adding humor and good tunes to make the experience fun and something that you will look forward to coming back to. Laura also likes to balance out her vinyasa roots by offering gentle yoga classes to help ease the mind and body from the fast paced world in which we live in. Being a guide is a gift and she can not wait to share in your practice.

 NICOLE THOMPSON  | Nicole first began practicing yoga to ease her joint discomfort during pregnancy. By exploring the many facets of yoga, she discovered that she found not only physical relief, but emotional, mental, and spiritual peace as well. In 2014, Nicole decided to journey further into yoga and completed her RYT-200. She guides her students through their practice in order to help them cultivate a greater perspective in life, on and off the mat. Her classes will offer a challenge as well as a retreat from the stresses of everyday life. Throughout the ebb and flow of our lives and throughout our practice, we can return to our true selves for a constant steadiness.

LIZZIE SALSICH | Lizzie is passionate about the power of peaceful hearts in creating a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world.  Her classes emphasize mindful movement, deep breath and body awareness, skillful alignment, self-healing, and sacred rest.  She also loves to incorporate qi gong into her yoga classes.  Lizzie has completed two teacher trainings at the 200-hour level.  She is always exploring and deepening her practice and she loves to share these life-giving tools with her friends and students.  For more information about the trainings Lizzie has completed and the philosophy behind her practice and teaching, please visit www.celebratingthecall.com

ERIC BETZ  |  Eric, a professional fitness trainer since 2007, holds specializations in Performance Enhancement and Corrective Exercise. An avid enthusiast of all things active, energetic, fun, and outdoors, he stumbled upon yoga early last year - immediately noticing the benefits and the positive effect it was having on his body. He watched his interest peak in the practice and soon found yoga to be the missing piece of the wellness puzzle. Within a year of stepping foot in a studio, Eric was certified to teach - after receiving his 200HR Vinyasa Yoga teaching certification accredited by the International Yoga Alliance. Eric loves discovering the many ways the body moves, realizing the strength and resolve of the mind, and most of all, sharing his energetic passion - empowering others to recognize the limitless potential inside each of us.

Nathan began practicing yoga as a curious corporate engineer searching for a way to cope with the stress of modern everyday life.  Through yoga he started to reap many benefits and his practice grew stronger until he decided to leave his engineering job to study yoga and health full-time.  He earned his 200 hour certification as a yoga instructor at Kripalu Yoga School in 2009 and completed his 500 hour training just this year.  His classes cater to all experience levels and incorporate a creative mix of strength, flexibility, balance, meditation, and breath control.  Nathan's goal is to help students explore their personal limits in order to reach their full expression in any of life's "postures" with an attitude of gratitude and enthusiasm.


Our studio knows the importance of giving back to our community, and we are always looking for new opportunities to do so. If you have someone or something close to your heart in need of funding, reach out to us and let yoga help you with that too!