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Alternative Healing

In addition to classes and workshops, our yoga studio offers various alternative healing sessions. During these sessions our instructors guide students helping them enhance spiritual awareness, release limiting beliefs, remove dense or blocked energy, resolve emotional roadblocks, and raise consciousness.  


Receive 1-to-1 Intuitive Guidance and Coaching to help you grow your own intuitive abilities, cultivate your innate gifts and receive clarity on your life path

  • Discover and Develop your Intuitive Abilities
  • Expand your awareness of what is possible
  • Remove roadblocks to expansion and living your life purpose
  • Learn to communicate with your Higher Self
  • Strengthen your connection to Source
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Reiki is a specific vibration of healing energy that helps to promote and accelerate the body’s natural healing processes, helps to clear out negative or stagnant energy within your energy field, replenishes your body’s natural Ki/Chi/Energy levels, and can facilitate healing in an infinite number of ways. This practice is gentle, safe, and can be used in addition to other medical, holistic, and alternative healing treatments.

Reiki is especially great for:

  • Stress Relief
  • Energetic self-care
  • Relieving physical pain symptoms
  • Promoting physical health and healing
  • Clearing, releasing, and rebalancing the emotions & mind
  • Promoting healing for mental, physical, or emotional health diagnoses
  • Spiritual growth
  • Enhancing your natural intuitive gifts
  • Healing after grief, trauma, ending toxic relationships
  • Helping to prepare for or adjust to new life transitions
  • Pre-natal/post-partum support
  • Managing the overload of negative energy you encounter from day to day life, global events, and the energy of others (Great for Empaths, Indigos, and Highly Sensitive Persons!)

Private Session

This is a one hour private session tailored to your needs. Sign up, call, or email us to set up a tailored session just for you.

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Spiritual Coaching

Are you looking to enhance your spiritual growth and awareness? Do you identify as an Empath, Highly Sensitive, Intuitive, or in some other way spiritually awakening, and you’re struggling with balancing your energy and/or the energy of those around you? Have you been called to develop your spiritual awareness, but you aren’t sure where to start? Sarah Buehner provides solution-focused coaching sessions to help you identify your spiritual growth goal, and provides you with a plan, techniques, resources, and homework to reach this goal.

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Angel Card Readings with Sarah

Card readings are great for receiving general guidance about your life, or for receiving guidance related to a specific situation, or specific questions you may have. Card readings can also help you with topics such as relationships, career, spiritual growth, healing, and identifying/validating next steps in your life.

  • Angel Tarot is very similar to the traditional Tarot; however, the energy of Angel Tarot Deck feels more gentle, with an Angelic vibration added to the reading.
  • Sarah’s card readings are less about “telling you your future” and more about providing you with divine guidance and information to help empower you to make the best choices for yourself and your future.
  • Sarah delivers card readings using the Law of Attraction, as well as various psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Theta Healing Session

Theta Healing is an energy healing modality that allows the client to transform their limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs. In a Theta Healing session the certified practitioner uses their natural intuitive abilities to connect to Source energy to witness healing. Some of the multifaceted benefits that people experience through Theta Healing include releasing limiting beliefs, removing dense or blocked energy, improving relationships, resolving core wounds, improving self-esteem, cultivating emotional freedom, raising consciousness, manifesting abundance and improving overall well-being.