Teacher Training and Immersion 2020

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Wildwood Yoga and Joy of Yoga will be conducting a 200HR Registered Yoga Teacher Training and Immersion for anyone wanting to become a certified yoga teacher or those that would like to immerse themselves into their physical practice and understanding of yoga's history, philosophy and practical application in today's world.

What makes this Yoga Teacher Training distinct is its ability to draw from a wide spectrum of yoga practices, philosophies and techniques. This training promises to deliver intellectually stimulating content, physically empowering practices, and spiritual connection through the cultivation of a daily sadhana practice. Physical strength and flexibility are not requirements to be a yoga teacher. The desire to better yourself and those around you are the requirements for this training.

This training is design to connect you to your inner teacher and guide. This is not a set of prescribed sequences that must be delivered with prescribed speech. It is a map to lead you to that inner wisdom and voice of the teacher within. Intuition, creativity, connection and thoughtful application are the cornerstones of the knowledge and teaching methods you will gain. Teachers will be asked to be accountable and to know why they are designing their classes with a specific sequence of poses, knowing that there is never just one way or one response, but that there is always an authentic and intuitive approach. 

As a yoga teacher, we continuously put ourselves in the seat of a student enabling us to hold more compassion and understanding for our students and continuously educating ourselves on the new ideas, fresh perspectives of the Yogic Teachings. Teaching yoga is a great responsibility, one that must be held in the highest regard. To be a yoga teacher is to be a 'Mitra', a friend to all of humanity.

Regardless of where you find yourself in your yoga practice, this training will transform each of us on every level. Welcome to your brand new beginning!


A few reviews on Yoga Alliance from our recent graduates: 

"Joy and Jill have poured their hearts and shared wealth of knowledge into this RYT200 training and as a result the program they have created is truly excellent. There are so many compliments I could leave here, but perhaps most relevant is that I believe they have left all of us who completed the program feeling fully prepared to teach and teach well. Beyond the practical, these incredible women have designed a journey full of love, community, kindness, and self-realization through the close study and practice of the ancient tradition of yoga." -Andrea

"Joy and Jill have an incredibly deep well of knowledge and experience that they were so willing to share with my training class, and they brought amazing outside resources to us to round out our learning. For 10 weekends, through their words, their energy, their love of yoga and teaching, Joy and Jill provided a truly supportive space where I learned so much more than just philosophy, alignment, anatomy, meditation, and breath work: they helped me find my voice and the confidence to take it out into the world. The training Joy and Jill have put together will give you so much more than you could hope to expect." -Lindsay 

I cannot say enough amazing things about this 200 HR-RYT program!! Joy and Jill are some of the most loving, big-hearted, gifted, smart & capable women that I know. This program will deepen your practice physically, mentally and emotionally. They provide vast knowledge to the trainees on the history and philosophy of yoga; trainees leave this program with a rich, well-rounded foundation to begin their yoga teacher journey. Joy and Jill provide such a safe, nurturing environment that encourages everyone to reach their full potential. You will feel cherished and loved throughout this intense journey. You will finish the 10 months of this journey a much stronger individual. Your heart will be opened, your mind expanded, and your body so well prepared to engage your students in a rich yoga practice. Joy and Jill do a wonderful job of teaching alignment, but more importantly, they share great insight on how to develop a keen eye as you watch your students to see what cues need to be given. They teach you that every body is different, and while alignment is important, it will look and feel differently for each individual. They teach you to see the beauty first and then to provide the guidance that will enable your student to blossom to her/his best self. I am so grateful to Joy and Jill; they have helped shape my entire teacher prospective. I feel so confident in the foundation they so generously offered. I would recommend this program to every aspiring yogi. It will change your life. -Colleen

 You can read more reviews here: https://www.yogaalliance.org/SchoolProfileReviews?sid=6793 


Jill Dunlap and Joy Page co-created the Hatha Yoga curriculum that will be the basis for this training. The curriculum emphasizes alignment, anatomy, philosophy and meditation.

Each weekend will incorporate the following and MORE:

* 4 hours anatomy and physiology training
* 6 hours of alignment based, in depth asana training
* 3 hours of Teaching Methodology
* 5 hours of Yoga Philosophy
Processing through discussion as a group is part of every weekend.

Overall, each student will spend at least 10 hours teaching yoga during the training. Outside of the training, each student should expect to spend 5-8 hours per week on homework and attending classes. 

Throughout the entire training program, each student has unlimited monthly memberships at both Joy of Yoga and Wildwood Yoga. 


Teacher Training will take place over 10 weekends.
Jan 25-26 
Feb 22-23 
Apr 4-5 
Apr 25-26 
May 30-31
Jun 27-28 
Jul 25-26 
Aug 22-23 
Sep 19-20
Oct 10-11 

Saturday Hours: 9:30-5:30pm
Sunday Hours: 9-5pm


Each weekend we will explore a different Hindu Deity. During that weekend we will weave the iconography, mythology, mantras and energy/role of that deity throughout the philosophy teachings, meditations and chanting.

Investment: $2900

Registration is open $500 non-refundable deposit due by December 1, 2019

Remaining balance due by January 15, 2020. 

Training will be held at Joy of Yoga.

Questions? Call Joy at 314-537-0671


Reading List:

Light On Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews

The Anatomy Coloring Book by Winn Kapit

Refining The Breath by Doug Keller

The Yoga Tradition by Georg Feuerstein

Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith, PH.D.