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28 Day Sugar Detox


Now that fall is here and the holidays are right around the corner, you deserve to give your body a vacation from sugar and processed foods. It's the perfect time to start fresh and renew your system!

You ask, “Why is sugar bad? Can’t I have it in moderation?” The problem is this: studies have shown that sugar causes hormonal changes, mood swings, inflammation, lowers immunity, negatively impacts cognition and organ function, reduces the elasticity of skin and causes weight gain. Not to mention it is SUPER addictive. Sugar is known to show up in foods you don’t expect and with names that only a scientist would recognize. The good news, is the longer sugar is out of your system the less you will crave.

Saturday, October 21st 10:45-12:15, Board Certified Health Coach, April Strelinger aka “Foodie Godmother”, will guide you on a 28 day Fall Refresh that will boost your energy, reduce inflammation, and curb those cravings. You will learn how to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally for a successful REAL FOOD cleanse. You will be given tools and recipes to navigate this journey as well as a community to keep each other accountable and strong. Plus, April will be making some treats for you to take home the first week!

Three optional classes will be held on the subsequent Saturdays from 10:45-11:45 and will cover topics like digestion, how to increase your immune system for the winter, and how to start adding healthy sugars back into your daily life. Each week you will come home with new recipes and new ideas. The final class we will meet to celebrate your success and learn how to incorporate all that we’ve learned so that you are well prepared to stay healthy during the holiday season.

April Strelinger is Board Certified Health Coach and Nutrition Counselor. She is passionate about helping others find healing through nutrition and restoring their vibrancy. Her approach is simple and accessible- eat real, nutrient-dense food and eliminate fake food. It comes down to two important things: education and planning.
She began her journey to better health when she was diagnosed in 2010 with a corn allergy and gluten intolerance shortly after giving birth to her son. After months of frustration and helplessness, coupled with struggling to lose the “baby weight”, she decided to empower herself. She started educating herself and researching on how food affects the body while trying holistic approaches to health and healing. In 2013, she attended The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and received her certifications. Shortly thereafter she stared her company, “Foodie Godmother.”
She enjoys living a balanced life as a professional actor, wife, mom, and considers herself to be a total foodie. You can visit her website at

Every student that registers will also be given a private 20 minute one-on-one health consultation with April at an agreed upon date and time.

$145 for 4 weeks.

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