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Sisterhood Circle with Becca


Sisterhood is like rocket fuel for creating the kind of life we want. Surround yourself with other women like you who also want to grow and learn and you've got the powerful recipe for support, connection and change.

Becca will lead this circle the last Thursday of every month (except Jan and Feb where it will be the last Friday). She will guide the conversations around topics such as body image, health, food, healing the body, guilt, shame and tools and strategies to start changing your mindset and self-talk.

Becca's Story:
At a young age, Becca Kunce learned the power and magic of mindfulness. She spent the summers of her formative years immersed in numerous pranayama and meditation courses through The Art of Living. It was here that mindfulness techniques became embedded in her programming. Through these experiences, she found the love and power of her breath and has been turning to it ever since.

Becca comes to teach mindfulness through a background in education. She taught secondary mathematics for five years in New York City. Through her years of teaching, she learned how to masterfully facilitate groups by creating safe and sacred spaces where individuals can take risks and experience tremendous growth. When she experienced her own life-changing transformation through the power of mindfulness, she knew she had to share what she learned outward. So, she left the classroom, followed her inner guides, and began her career as a Confidence Coach. She now works with people who want to feel more confident, better in their bodies, and more powerful. In her sessions with clients, Becca incorporates mindfulness techniques and self-love strategies to help facilitate deep personal transformations.

Becca is no stranger to yo-yo dieting and hating her body. Every day, from the ages of 7 to 27, Becca was on whatever diet or food plan she believed would help her lose weight. Each time she looked in the mirror during those 20 years, she hated what she saw. She obsessed over her weight and learned to tie her self-worth to the number on the scale, the size of her pants, and the number of chins, rolls, or stretch marks she had. Whenever she had to buy bigger clothes or gained weight, she felt disgusting, shameful, and wrong. If her body happened to get smaller, she celebrated and cheered and then went right back to her patterns of self-loathing and strived to be even smaller. None of her many accomplishments in life mattered because they all happened in her body that was so obviously “wrong” and too big.

During her years of dieting, restricting, and self-loathing, she took in an overwhelming amount of information about what was “healthy” for her body. She developed extremely skewed ideas about food and her relationship to her body. It was impossible for her to fully enjoy food because she was either grumpy about eating whatever was “healthy” or she felt guilty because she was eating something “unhealthy.” Yet, she was willing to do anything to fit the mold society has laid out for us so she kept on attempting to change the way she looked.

From a very young age, it was deeply ingrained in her that it was absolutely impossible to love her body unless she looked different. In fact, she was taught she shouldn’t love her body disgusting. So she did whatever it took to lose weight in hopes of feeling confident, good in her body, and dare we say...even sexy.

After two decades of feeling shame and hatred around food and her body, she gave up trying to change her physical body and turned to her mental and emotional ones. She called upon her knowledge and experience of mindfulness to help her remove the blocks she had and shift her thinking. What she uncovered was absolutely life-changing. She was shocked to find that it, in fact, WAS possible to feel confident, sexy, and good in her body, even at her all-time heaviest weight. She learned how to let go of the conditions of love she had for herself and chose to wholly love her body exactly as it was. With this came a starkly different and healthy relationship with food as she reconnected to her body and began listening to what it really wanted. This shift freed up an immense amount of energy, emotions, and headspace. She had no idea how exhausting it all was until she let it all go.

Everything you have done, are doing, and will do in this life is in your physical body. Do you have any idea how much more joyful, fun, energizing, and amazing everything is when you get to do it all in a body you love??

Becca wants you to know a few things. You and your body are absolutely amazing. You can feel as confident and as sexy as you want in the body you are in right this moment. Your body will tell you exactly what it wants and needs, you just have to know how to listen to it.

She is unbelievably excited, grateful, and honored to be able to share the tools of mindfulness and self-love with you and hopes you will join her for a class.

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