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Free Beginners Meditation Class


Join Bill Weiss for this free meditation class open to all. Bill has created a powerful meditation technique that he's so excited to share with you!

Guided meditation is 45min with a 30min Q&A to follow.

The Samadhi Yaa® technique is derived from the most powerful meditation programs available. It is the result of profound inner research in consciousness, a synthesis of experiences from the greatest teachers and knowledge found deep within awareness.

"Samadhi" is a word associated with living the most complete and highest expression of life. "Yaa", pronounced with a 'long ā' sound, is a Sanskrit root sound that energizes the word preceding it.

Humanity has always desired more out of life. At least during the last 5000 years, methodologies to naturally increase human potential have been developed.

Samadhi Yaa® may very well be the first technique that offers an easy-to-follow, yet extremely powerful way of going deeply within consciousness. Easy, yet profound, deeply restful, yet remaining alert are words that describe a remarkable fusion of ageless wisdom and profound personal experience found in Samadhi Yaa®.

Samadhi Yaa is a Direct Experience of Expanded Awareness.

Samadhi Yaa® is designed for the fast-paced, world population of today. Our inner Self has been growing and developing faster than we ever could have imagined. Now, there is a simple and effortless technique that creates experiences of highly expanded awareness!

Find simplicity in our complex world.

Samadhi Yaa® is easy-to-learn, produces profound relaxation and offers significant health benefits. There is no concentration or contemplation and is not based on a religion or belief system. As a guided meditation, it allows one's mind to easily remain alert, while effortlessly allowing the mind to experience its full awareness.

We each have the ability to create better influences, which will collectively help to change our planet.

Samadhi Yaa® allows our body and mind to experience profound peace and rest. These qualities are then brought into one's daily life. If we want a more peaceful planet, then naturally living a life of greater happiness, inner silence and peace would help to achieve this.

We ALL need to create peace, beginning with our own bodies, minds and consciousness. For peace to exist, living from an expanded state of awareness, is necessary. When we live a more peaceful life, we easily and naturally offer a positive influence to those around us. The more powerfully we possess that peace, the more powerfully we radiate it.

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