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Yoga Nidra by Candlelight


Join Alicia for 3 Wednesdays only, 7-8pm. 

Yoga Nidra is a state between waking and sleeping, it is a practice passed down by ancient yogis as a means to dive into the subconscious and deepen inner awareness. Regular practice can boost creativity, shift responses to stress, regulate circadian rhythms, and offer blissful meditative oneness with the body, mind, and broader states of consciousness.

After a few minutes of gentle poses to relieve general stiffness and discomfort, students will relax lying down for approximately 30 minutes of yoga nidra. Guided instruction will include breath attention, body scanning, and guided visualization/meditation. This practice assists in releasing mental, emotional, and physical tensions, leaving you feeling tranquil, balanced, and refreshed.

You can use your class card or purchase a drop-in to attend.

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