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Yoga Nidra - An Introduction


An Introduction to Yoga Nidra

Our current human pace fragments us between work, projects, and an ever-growing to-do list. When we do try to relax, we often power nap, switch on the TV, or dissociate in other ways to escape the pressures of life. This is not true relaxation, and can actually cause our restlessness to fester into an uglier problem than before. Yoga nidra calls us to be still, combats the layers of unrest within our bodies and minds, and aids us in releasing the burdens we’ve carried throughout our lifetimes.

A state between waking and sleeping, yoga nidra is a practice passed down by yogis of old as a means to dive into the subconscious and deepen inner awareness. By withdrawing the senses and connecting with one’s surroundings only through listening, students are led through a process of progressive relaxation.

One hour of yoga nidra is equal to four hours of conventional sleep. However, this practice is not an invitation to sleep. Instead, it is an opportunity to connect to the subconscious by fully relaxing while maintaining one point of awareness. This practice allows us to let go of tensions built up in the body, mind, and spirit, and moves us into a state of self-healing. Yoga nidra supports us in picking up the scattered pieces of the self, and elevates us to a place of harmony, tranquility, and renewal.

This workshop will begin with a brief history of yoga nidra practices and its benefits as backed by ancient texts and neuroscience. Students will then be led through simple and gentle movements to release general stiffness and discomfort, and experience 30 minutes of guided relaxation in yoga nidra. As time allows, there will be space to share experiences and questions after the practice.

Note: Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to the workshop. In the hour before the practice, choose a light snack over a heavy meal, as this practice is most effective on an empty stomach. Please arrive hydrated.

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