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Stand Your Ground- A Workshop for Men

  • Joy of Yoga 8918 Manchester Road Brentwood, MO, 63144 United States (map)

An empowering workshop for men.

Do you want space to ground in who you are? 

Channel more confidence?

Reconnect and relax? 

Come stand your ground.

“Stand Your Ground” is a unique opportunity for men to connect to their masculine power and feel more confident, strong, and powerful. This workshop is designed for anyone who identifies as male - who wants to stand his ground and feel awesome doing it. All ages, sizes, and experience levels are wholly welcomed. 

Ground yourself in the first three chakras by opening up and connecting to these powerful and critical energy centers of the body. By doing so, you will leave feeling more grounded in yourself, your body, and confidence.

You’ll experience:

Energizing and rejuvenating meditations you can use on your own

Space to hold open and safe connections with other strong and accepting men

Self-care practices to awaken and ground in your masculine power!

Becca works with queens and kings to help them experience magical transformation and harness their personal power. Through meditation, movement, and chakra-work she helps people reconnect to their confidence, power, and authentic selves to achieve whole love. 

"It was through my own self-love and empowerment journey that I experienced a transformation that completely changed my life. Life is too short to spend it being ashamed of any piece of you, we are all too wonderful for all of that. My game-changing experiences with mindfulness caused me to make a dramatic shift in my life, so I left the classroom and followed my inner guides. I knew I had to share what I learned outward to others because you deserve to experience how spectacular you are under any circumstance."

It was at a young age that I learned the power and magic of mindfulness. I spent the summers of my formative years immersed in numerous pranayama and meditation courses through The Art of Living, where mindfulness techniques became embedded in my programming. It was here I found the love and power of my breath. I have been turning to the breath ever since.

So the question is…

Are you ready to remove the chains on your highest self?

"The more unconditional this love is, the more power you are able to harness. Do you dare to love yourself wholly and unleash your infinite power?" 

-Becca Kunce