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New Moon Yoga Flow


The first new moon of the year occurs on January 16th at 6:17 PM PT at 26° of Capricorn. This is the first new moon in the sea-goat’s sign since its ruler, Saturn, returned to it. This new moon acts like an initiation of sorts. We have lived with Saturn in Capricorn for a moment, but this new moon will make the relationship official. Seal the deal. Sanctify the ceremony.

Whatever you are serious about getting serious about, this new moon is your ticket to commit. Sitting with Venus, the new moon reminds us that all life is relationship and anything that we are in relationship with needs to know our intentions. Set yours and stick to them. Through thick and thin.

Capricorn is an earth sign, but it deals more effectively with hardships than it does with high hopes. It would rather do the impossible than hang out with the convenient. Capricorn, and especially Saturn in Capricorn, teach us to align our actions with our commitments no matter if we feel like doing so. Purpose gives our life clarity. Saturn splits no hairs when making clear that our purpose is to commit to what will challenge us to no end and ultimately bring us the greatest reward. -

Join us each month in new moon and full moon yoga flows. Come learn about the natural rhythms and cycles of your universe, the moon's phases, when she is energetically at her peak and how the circumstances of your life are in rhythm, all while moving through a fluid yoga practice. As the manifesting energy of the moon is heightened on new moon days, align powerfully with your intentions and visions. We'll talk about the moon's emotional, mental, physical and spiritual qualities and learn how to harness these energies to more skillfully cultivate abundance, peace and joy in our lives.

You can use your class card or purchase a drop-in to attend.

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