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Guided Meditations for Body Love and Self Compassion

Do you want to be able to show your body more love but don’t know how?

Is compassion something you find easy to provide for others but not so much for yourself?

Have you always wanted to improve your relationship with your body but don’t think it’s possible?

Join Becca for these 6 weeks as she guides you in meditations, conversation, and reflections designed specifically to help you foster a more positive relationship with your body. Learn how to use the tools of mindfulness to develop compassion and love for yourself in a safe and sacred space.

Be prepared to honor your body, your mind, your spirit in a new and exciting way.

Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably and to bring a journal and something to write with. They are also invited to stay after class to attend the Yoga for Bigger Bodies Series where they will have the opportunity to continue to develop love and compassion for their body through the tool of yoga.

Absolutely no meditation experience is required. Everyone is wholly welcomed.

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