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EMBODY YOU: An Exploration of the Chakras


Yoga is the practice of you. This practice to your most essential self has many paths. During this 7 week series will explore the system of 7 Chakras and how they live in you.

The Chakras are vortexes of energy that move through your body. They are a map into how you hold experience, emotion, and energy inside. Each week we will focus on the properties of one of these chakras to discover what energy blocks you hold. By combining art, pranayama, meditation, and yoga kriya we will explore your resistance and guide you inward where mind, matter, and the light of awareness meet.

Week One: Root Chakra

Week Two: Sacral Chakra

Week Three: Solar Plexus Chakra

Week Four: Heart Chakra

Week Five: Throat Chakra

Week Six: Third Eye Chakra

Week Seven: Crown Chakra

*No artistic skill required. Please come with pen, paper, and ready to practice gentle yoga.

Facilitator: Glenna Bedoya

Cost: $90 Series (Save $50) or $20 Drop-In

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