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Learn EFT and Other Emotional Wellness Techniques


A Stress-Free Life is Waiting!

Join Julie and Carly for this 3 part series (drop-in for $20 or attend all 3 for $50) where you will learn life-changing tools to manage your emotional overwhelm, tend to your emotional wellness and guide your self-empowerment. By combining EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and The 5 Personality Patterns, learn how to get to the core of your overwhelm; where it all began in the first place.

EFT goes beyond the physical body into the energy body where past emotions get stuck. Only when you release the frozen energy pattern do you feel lighter and freer in your whole self. Talking about our emotions just re-shuffles the stuck energy. EFT goes deeper to the level of the body's energy system and release it. EFT will clear the energy and allow healing to take place.

The 5 Personality Patterns believes that suffering is created by old patterns of feeling and acting that helped us to survive the traumas of childhood, but then got stuck in our bodies. These patterns have shaped us so deeply that we think that's who we are; when in fact they cover up your true self and prevent it from shining out into the world. The 5 personality patterns help you see when old childhood patterns are running your life so you can discover how to free yourself from them. This method allows you to open up to the freedom of being present in the moment.

Julie and Carly take pride in empowering "YOU"! With these approaches you will be heard and listened to while receiving compassion and guidance to help you and teach you how to access your true nature again. 

You matter, this world would not be the same without you. Before we enter the stressful times of the holidays, come join us for a three-part series where you will learn how to be your truest, unwavering self for you and your family.

Facilitators: Julie Eisenberg & Carly Black

Cost: Drop in for $20 or sign up for all 3 for $50

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