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Yoga for Gardeners


As seasons begin to shift, the human need to nourish, plant, and create starts to stir in our bellies. While there is still a bit of time before we break ground, February is a good month to begin sowing our seeds of intention for a bountiful harvest in the fall. This series if for those interested in learning more about gardening and connecting with a community of gardeners. We will incorporates gentle yoga, open to all levels, including beginners. The yoga portion of the program will focus on postures that specifically address all of the major muscles and joints used in gardening.

Join Katie for a unique, 4-week series that will help prepare you, body and soul, for the growing season ahead. Each class will consist of 45 minutes of yoga poses, 30 minutes of organic gardening tips and techniques.

Session 1: Sowing Seeds
This session will guide you through neck, back, and full body poses and stretches to keep you in shape for seed catalogue searching and sowing. Each participant will receive a packet of organic seeds and tips for starting seeds indoors to jump-start the gardening season.

Session 2: Cultivating Patience
We will focus on mindfulness and Hatha yoga postures to prepare ourselves for the delayed gratification of seed germination. We also will explore creative intention setting as gardeners and as yoga practitioners. Katie will discuss what and when to plant in your organic vegetable garden.

Session 3: Breaking Ground
We will be taking things up a notch with active yoga poses to prepare you for the hard work to come. We will be discussing organic gardening soil amendments such as compost, leaf mold, and manure tea.

Session 4: Rejuvenate
Our last session will celebrate our hard work through a series of restful and restorative postures. Katie will discuss signs of spring and show you how to create new life from old by demonstrating how to take plant cuttings.

$60 for the series. Sign up here.

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