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Energetic Self Care

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In this 6 week course we will learn ways to energetically cleanse our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies. The techniques we learn will help us to recognize our own energy and discern it from the energy of others, keeping the two separate. These methods will also help us build and maintain balance and wellness on all these levels.

We will use a wide variety of practices including meditation, visualization, oracle cards and other divination tools, chakra cleansing, cord cutting and grounding techniques to identify and then clear any energetic patterns not in our best interest or not in alignment with our highest self. Woven throughout these classes will be some techniques that we can easily and quickly incorporate into our everyday life to stay grounded, connected and balanced.

We will learn how to connect with spirit and call upon our intuition to define and create the life we're ready to live.

This class is perfect for those of us that
* have trouble disconnecting from our work day
* want to make significant changes but feel blocked
* need help recognizing the voice of our intuition
* want to communicate with our grounded and compassionate truth
* are ready to let go of things, people and ways of being that no longer serve!

Join us on this journey to a more balance, aligned and connected self!

Cost: $100 for the Series

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