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New Moon Yoga Flow


Join us each month in new moon and full moon yoga flows. Come learn about the natural rhythms and cycles of your universe, the moon's phases, when she is energetically at her peak and how the circumstances of your life are in rhythm. You'll learn about the moon's energetic, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energies and learn how to harness these energies to more skillfully cultivate abundance, peace and joy in every corner of your life.

The moon is a potent agent for change. When she is at her peak (light of the full moon or dark of the new moon) it is a powerful time to get in alignment with your highest calling and purpose, each of her phases calling for different actions. Tap into your intuition and plant the seeds of intention on a new moon to start moving in the direction of your deepest desires and dreams. And we allow the light of a full moon to reveal what needs to be released or let go of so that you can unimpeded begin.

Vibrationally attuning yourself to the natural rhythms of the world around you, invites grace and abundance in. Join us each month as we harness the moons energy through movement in a slow intentional yoga practice and guided meditation.

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