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Essential Oils Classes - Stress Less with Essential Oils

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Join Mary Shackelford as she shares how essential oils can support us in managing our stress and help us build resilience to the negative impact of stress on our body in this "Make and Take" essential oils class.

Stress is an all too familiar reality in our daily lives. We live in a very fast-paced, results driven culture. Stress comes from many sources and whether you lose your job, have a fight with a loved one, get stuck in traffic or are just trying to manage your busy schedule, we all experience stress. Our thoughts keep us up at night, we search for ways to have more energy, and we let the minute things in life overwhelm us.

Numerous research studies have shown the harmful effects stress poses to our health and happiness. The reality is stress will always be a factor in our modern life. With effort, we may be able to eliminate a few stressors, but what is even more beneficial is to become more resilient to stress and decrease its harmful impact on our physical and mental well-being. By decreasing the stress response in your body, you will sleep better, your moods will change, your digestion will improve and you will experience a new sense of lightness.

Using therapeutic essential oils is a safe, easy, and affordable way to experience relief from the stress you are experiencing.

In this class we will:

-Provide an over view of the stress response and what is happening in your body during stress

-Identify keys strategies to help you reduce stress in your daily life

-Discuss specific essential oils and how to use them to support you in managing stress

-"Make and Take" a stress relieving essential oil roller ball blend

Join Mary for her other two essential oils classes:

-Natural Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

-Mother's Day "Spoil Me"

Cost: All three classes for $60 or attend individually for $25 each.

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Stress Less with Essential Oils

Natural Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

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