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Intuitive Doorways

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Take the journey of developing your own intuitive gifts and awakening the divine spark within you. Join Nicole Lakebrink for Intuitive Doorways every Wednesday.


These classes combine the practical and spiritual aspects of developing your intuition. You will learn about the different ways intuitive information is received and processed, be guided through short meditations and experience a group energy healing in each class to open up your intuitive centers. This space will allow you to ask questions and learn to find your own intuitive answers.

Your journey awaits...

Nicole is an intuitive healer, Certified Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner and psychotherapist. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Professional Counseling and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

As a sensitive empath, Nicole's intuitive abilities were present at a young age, however growing into and developing her intuitive gifts has been a lifelong journey. In early adulthood, Nicole explored numerous schools of thought and various healing modalities, from East to West. Having a strong desire to help others, Nicole pursued a career as a psychotherapist, helping others to find their way in the world. Nicole's passion in getting to the "root" belief and doing core belief work with her clients made Theta Healing a natural next step. Nicole went on from there to become trained and certified in Theta Healing in London, England.

Theta Healing is an energy healing modality which allows the practitioner to use their natural intuitive abilities to connect to Source energy to witness healings, transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs, do feeling work, clear dense or blocked energy and so much more. Nicole loves doing healing work in her healing practice and teaching others about how to develop their own intuitive abilities. Nicole creates a safe, supportive space for others to learn, heal and grow.

$85 for the series

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