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Introduction to Mindfulness Series

This 4-week course is a perfect way to start your mindfulness practice. As someone in a past session shared, "It's the single most powerful tool I've ever used to implement change in my life."

Mindfulness is a self-empowering, simple and practical way to help you be your best self more often. Over the last decade, mindfulness has gone from being perceived as a "woo woo" practice to an increasingly mainstream tool espoused in corporations across the globe. Finally now modern neuroscience can support what mindfulness practitioners have known for thousands of years - that mindfulness meditation physically develops our brain's capacity to be more compassionate, calm, happy and focused.

In this series you will learn practices to:

Develop your self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence

Wake up from the trance of thought to the life that is here

Develop acceptance of yourself just as you are

Work with difficult emotions and stress

Create space to shift from habitual negative reactions to responses that align with your values

Develop empathy and compassion

Communicate mindfully

Cultivate inner strength, calm and joy in your life

Each class will include a combination of a lecture, practices and group discussion. To fully benefit from the course, you will also want to commit to engaging in at least 15 minutes of daily home practice on non-class days. You will be provided suggested resources for your benefit.

Facilitator: Jo Pang

Cost: $100

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