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Beyond Dieting: Self Care and Your Plate

This class will teach us how to make peace with our food, establish habits and a new perspective that will last far beyond this class. Being healthy and having a healthy lifestyle isn’t about finding the “perfect” diet. It’s about listening to and respecting our bodies. Your body is constantly communicating with you, letting you know what is in it's best interest especially when it comes to it's fuel. Learn how to listen and discern wisely between cravings and intelligence.

When food (and the guilt/shame/rules that we have around it) take up too much mental space, it creates mental, emotional and physical patterns ruled by anxiety and fear. Yes, food is our body’s fuel, but it is so much more. It gives us energy, affects our moods, and influences our relationship with ourselves and others. It is interwoven into our lives in every way.

Join April Strelinger, aka “Foodie Godmother,” for this workshop as she guides us through the

"4 Shifts Toward Empowered Eating" to explore how nourishing ourselves with love and intention moves us away from what's on our plate and toward food freedom.

Cost: Drop-in for $15 or use your class card to attend. Not available as a New Student Special.

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