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Empowered Empath Support Circle


The Empowered Empaths Circle is a healing space for people who identify as empaths or otherwise sensitive to the energy of others & the world around them.

Not sure if you fit this description, but feeling a little overwhelmed about world events, others' problems, or the future? Then this group is definitely for you!

Many people who are sensitive to energy can become easily overwhelmed without energy-managing techniques. As a result, many unbalanced energy-sensitive individuals struggle socially, physically, emotionally, or mentally. Mismanaged energy can lead to physical illness, relationship problems, or mental health issues.

Many empaths and others sensitive to energy also feel isolated and alone, which is one of the main reasons the Empowered Empaths Circle was created!

In addition to learning concepts and techniques for managing energy, the empowered empaths circle is also a space for group members to give and receive support to one another about topics and questions related to being sensitive to energy.

Although it can feel like a burden, it is a gift to be sensitive to energy! We are here to help bring awareness to the world around us. In this circle, you can learn ways to clear, rebalance, and enjoy your ability to be sensitive to energy.

The Empowered Empath Support Group is facilitated by Sarah Buehner, who, in addition to identifying as an Empath, Highly Sensitive Person, and Indigo, is also a practicing energy healer, psychic/medium, and mental health counselor. Sarah has experience balancing her own energy, as well as guiding others to balance themselves through her work as a healer and counselor.

The Empowered Empaths Circle meets monthly. The cost is $20/session.

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