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Rejuvenate and Empower Your Yoga

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A workshop with Jan Herzog just for age 45 and over. Enjoy an afternoon of yoga with fellow practitioners your age!

"As we get older, we need to practice yoga more strongly and more wisely" -Desiree Rumbaugh.

Our intention is to provide clear guidance for people who may be feeling pain or stiffness due to injury, arthritis, joint replacements or other age related issues. We discuss and practice many poses, including standing and seated poses.

In this class, we will incorporate effective ways to assist your specific challenges in your yoga and in your day to day life. If you have injury, arthritis, chronic pain, or other limiting "issues" Jan will teach you to relieve pain and strengthen to assist healing.

Inspired by Jan's own strong practice and her professional work and education in Desiree Rumbaugh's Wisdom Warriors (tm -trademark), Therapeutic yoga, and Anatomy and movement science.

Bring confidence back to your yoga poses and learn new ways to strengthen, stabilize and stretch your spine safely and effectively. Learn about taking care of your body in an empowering way in yoga for the rest of your life.

Cost is $35 for the workshop.

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