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Unlock Your Second Brain Series

When you think of your intuition, you might immediately go to your Third Eye. Yes, and while this is an important space for your guidance system, a large component of your intuition is in your belly. Your amazing, fantastic, wonderful belly. This is your gut instinct. When you have a gut reaction and feel it in your stomach. Your belly is your second brain. It will tell you if an important decision is right for you, what and how much you want to eat, and much more. Your belly is another space you can utilize to guide you more easily through life if you are listening to it.

Unfortunately, through societal norms and expectations, most of us have disconnected from our bellies and our second brain completely. This lack of communication causes us to miss out on many important signals and messages throughout the day.

In this 3-week series, we will utilize the tools of meditation and gentle yoga to reconnect to our bodies and bellies. After completing the series, you will feel more connected to your belly and will have a better understanding of your body and its messages. You will experience more love and appreciation for your stomach and you will gain tools and tips to support you in listening to your belly to help make decisions from your second brain.

If you want to experience more love for your belly and body and ease and clarity when making decisions, this series is for you.

Week 1 - The Importance of Your Gut
Week 2 - Listen to Your Stomach
Week 3 - Show Your Belly Love

Cost: $65 for series.

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