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Intuitive Bridges

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Join Nicole Lakebrink in this three week series for Intuitive beings on Bridging the gap between the Earthly embodiment and Divine connection.

What does it mean to be a fully embodied spiritual being at this time?

How does one continue to develop their intuitive and spiritual gifts while remaining grounded?

How do you integrate divine consciousness, powerfully and simply into the everyday?

In this series we will bridge the gap between the Intuitive’s sense of their own humanness and their inner divinity.

This series requires:

  • An open mind.
  • A willing heart.
  • A sense of wonder.
  • A desire to bridge the gap between your earthly and divine existence.

Each week we will explore the Divine embodiment experience as Intuitive beings.

Intuitively guided energy healing will be provided within each class to assist you in your journey and add integration on your path.

If you are wanting to bring more light into life, while remaining connected to both your human and spiritual essence, this series is for you.

Bolsters and blankets are supplied by the studio for your comfort. Feel free to bring your yoga mat, water, and a journal to note any insights.

**Please note that it is important to hydrate before and after receiving energy healing to assist in the flow of energy.

Cost: $105 for series

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