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Self Care & Essential Oils: 4 Week Series

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In these 4 weeks, we will explore many different self-care practices, including the use of essential oils and ways to integrate those practices into everyday life.

The secret to a healthy, happy life is to keep your own cup full. When you fill up from the inside, it allows you to really be able to live the life you want.

Many of us are busy and stressed out, starving for something more in our life beyond the daily grind, beyond obligation and what's expected of us. We are craving more and we often gravitate to food, substances, shopping and drama to fill this need. Yet inside, we know it is not working.

Our society teaches us to care well for others- children, partners, parents, homes and jobs. We are taught the value of service to others without much regard to our own Self. Self-care is often thought of as selfish in our culture.

This 4 week program is a chance to stop, pause and tune out all the outside noise so that we can go inside and tap into our own inner wisdom. What do you need to feel more connected? We’re going to take a deep dive into natural, empowering self-care practices with a special emphasis on using essential oils to support our mental, physical, and emotional well-being and learn how to incorporate them into our daily life!

You will gain greater understanding of why self care is so important for your mental, physical and spiritual body and why you can no longer NOT care for yourself!

This series is designed to allow you to embark on a beautiful adventure of self- discovery! Get personal and curious about what you want and need and how to go about getting it. Putting yourself on the top of the to do list. No more guilt.

During this program you will learn simple, yet profound practices (including how to use essential oils) to support you in discovering more about yourself and shine from the inside out. It's designed to be a quiet space for you to breathe, relax and step outside of the burned-out, over-busy lifestyle that keeps you running further and further away from yourself.

Here is just a little of what you can expect from this series:

  • Feeling more connected and energized!
  • Have a deeper understanding of how to support your self-care with essential oils
  • Making decisions that feel good to YOU without second-guessing
  • Feeling nourished
  • Getting to know what delights your senses
  • Beginning to tap into your inner wisdom
  • Feeling empowered to put yourself on top of the to-do list!

Here is a glimpse of the program week by week:

Week 1 (Oct 2): Creating the Space for Self Care
Basic review of the stress response and impact of a lack of self- care on your mind, body and spirit. Clarify your own self-care desires. Essential oils to support feeling grounded and more calm

Week 2 (Oct 9): Sensing the Pleasures in Life
Connect with your 5 senses more fully
Identify what brings pleasure to your daily life
Strengthen (and hear!) the voice of your inner wisdom
Bring more presence and mindfulness to your daily life
Essential oils to uplift our mood

Week 3 (Oct 16): Filling Your Tank
Identify the foods and movement that nourish your body. Create your own personal nourishment menu. Recognize situations, relationships and activities that fill you and those that deplete you and how to shift towards those that fill. Essential oils for balance and wellbeing

Week 4(Oct 23): Empowering the Shift
Uncover the top barriers keeping you stuck and how to move past them for lasting Self Care
Learn how to make ongoing decisions that support how you want to feel. Acknowledge and celebrate what you have learned about yourself. Identify your next step in keeping the inner flame glowing brightly. Essential oils for clarify and focus

“Self care is never selfish, it is simply good stewardship of the gifts we have been given.” Sarah Ban Breathnach-Simple Abundance

Cost: $80

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