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Intro to Yin Yoga Workshop


This quiet practice consists of long held passive postures done on the floor to enliven and create greater flexibility and vitality in the hips, legs and spine. It is a meditative and powerful form of yoga designed to balance more active yoga styles as well as activities like running, biking and weight lifting which can cause the body to become tight and inflexible.

The term yin comes from Taoist (Chinese) yoga and refers to aspects of reality more allowing and receptive to yang qualities which are more expressive and active. The practice helps to enliven parts of the body where prana or chi becomes stagnant and nurtures the meridian and organ systems or the body. It is sometimes referred to as "needleless acupuncture" because of its ability to bring balance to the energy body similar to a good acupuncture session or massage. This is due to targeting the deep connective tissues of the body which are not as accessible in a movement oriented practice where we are more interested in building and maintaining muscle tissue.

Practices of mindfulness and pranayama are woven into the practice along with insight practices drawn from Taoism and Buddhism. Students with some knowledge and practice of Hatha Yoga are invited to join - all levels are welcome.

You will take home a basic practice session to do on your own!

Cost: $25

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