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Develop Your Intuition Using Spirit Allies and the Natural World

Have you been Have you been craving a deeper connection to your intuition for guidance and support? Did you know that tapping into the elements of nature could provide a powerful map that can help guide you?

In this four week class series, October 29 - November 19, we will use, meditation, visualization and Oracle cards to communicate with the animals, elements, plants and celestial beings that surround us. What is Mother Earth and her inhabitants urging you to do, be and have? We all have power animals and Guides that want to help us. The key is learning how to receive.

This is the perfect time to tap into the power of this mystical Samhain season when the veil between the earthly world and the spirit world dissolves. We will practice grounding techniques that will help you receive the messages meant for you. Fine tune your antennae!

Melanie Klug is a certified Theta Healing Practitioner. She is a graduate of the Angel Alchemy Academy where she learned intuitive healing and Oracle Card reading. She studied and taught meditation, pranayama and yoga at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

Facilitator: Melanie Klug

Cost: $80 for 4 weeks

Location: Downstairs Studio

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