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Hatha Yoga: Deepening Your Practice - A New Weekly Class

Join us for a new weekly class every Thursday 9:00 - 10:00 am with Rhonda Mills!

Tantric Hatha Yoga comes from the Himalayan tradition of Sri Vidya, which includes the right hand path of Tantra, Patanjali (or classical) Yoga, and Ayurveda.

Inspired by the Yoga Sutras, you are invited to approach your practice with steadiness and ease, versus straining and struggling. This approach keeps the body in balance, the systems in harmony and the mind easeful.
We will create strength at every level of your system to expand your capacity for joy and your resilience to the inevitable stressors of life.

As these attitudes become grounded in you, you create new and positive habits. In changing your habits, you literally change your body, your nervous system, and your brain to uncover the newly emerging you; increasingly strong, balanced, naturally joyful and resting in your essence.

Facilitator: Rhonda Mills

Cost: Cost: $15 (Drop-In) or Class Card or Unlimited Monthly

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