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FREE CLASS Vitalizing the Meridians through Life Nourishing Movement

What if there are switches in the body we can turn on to feel more alive?

What if there are endless sources of vitality in the body we can actually touch with our hands?

What if the body can be smoothed out in a few simple strokes like a garden hose unfolds to allow water to flow again?

What if movements can relax and nourish the body?

These are some of the gifts offered by the ancient practice of body meridian connection and Qi guided movements.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, Qi is the life energy that infuses living beings and pervades the universe. Like a river of life, Qi flows in our body along pathways called meridians, making us whole, vital, and full of life.

We will nourish and connect with the main sensory organs and the whole body through meridian massage, relax and increase microcirculation to our thinking mind and our busy body.

We will practice part of the 13 Form Life Nourishing Movements. These slow, soft, flowing movements synergize the rhythm of the body with breath and flow of Qi. We will learn to activate the reproductive energy and support spinal health - to rest while in motion and experience calm in action and connect to the wellness and vitality that is already within us.

Preparation: wear loose and comfortable clothing with easy access to the skin of arms and legs. Relatively empty stomach and willingness to be kind to your body.

Facilitator: Lingli Zhang

Cost: FREE

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