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Guided Sound Journey: New Moon Celebration

Join us in Sound and Celebration of this Aries New Moon! This new moon cracks the seal on Aries Season, bringing with it a refreshing new start.

Aries's energy, connection to big ideas and insights, and ability to propel ourselves forward on this path with expanded awareness and purpose will be something we can all tap into.

Maybe you're already feeling the shifts, or like you're on the brink of something BIG! Aries will take you there! Aries is a sign known for its ability to take brave, bold actions towards what it desires. This new moon encourages us to do so. It’s a new moon that asks us to challenge our self-doubt by being thoughtfully responsible to all that we have committed to. It’s a new moon that demonstrates the transformational nature of being discerning, deliberate, and unwilling to be halted by unfounded fears.

As we move forward into 2019, the moon classes help us use the energy of our natural world to activate intentionally our dreams and visions.

During this unique sound experience, Pati creates an environment that is restorative, rejuvenating and transcendent. You will be led on a guided journey. With sustained resonance, the wide range of frequencies brings your awareness within, deep into your core.

Himalayan singing bowls gently soothe the senses sending waves of healing energy through spirit-mind-body. An energy field is created, through sound and vibration space is held with compassionate awareness, allowing you an opportunity to journey inward.

In this supported environment designed for surrendering to the sounds, you may notice subtle quiet differences that encourage insights and clarity as we embark on this new threshold of our astrological year and a new moon cycle.

Syncing up with our universe and using astrology to thrive in everyday life is one powerful way to use mother nature to help us feel balanced, whole and purposeful. When we understand the subtle, yet powerful influences of our natural world through energy, we can harness and capture that energy to manifest what we want to bring into our lives or release and free ourselves of whatever it is that is holding us back.

Facilitators: Joy & Pati

Cost: $20 Drop-In

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