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Self-Love Like A Goddess!

Raising the Frequency of Self-Love with Yoga and Intentional Creativity

How many times have you thought to yourself, "I want to love myself more" but don't know how? Self-love is at the root of our belief system. We spend our lives collecting various beliefs about ourselves from the world outside of us. These beliefs filter how we see the world, more importantly, they filter how we see ourselves. A Goddess knows true self-love comes from within.

The Goddess tradition is one of compassion, nurturance, and radical self-love. Glenna and Kim will guide you through yoga, meditation, and an intentional creativity process to access a new way of being. This is a workshop to shift your old beliefs and raise the frequency of self-love around yourself and your body. A Goddess is completely at peace with who she is and the body she inhabits. Come
spend some time feeling how good this can be.

*Come prepared to practice gentle yoga and with your favorite tools for writing.

Facilitators: Glenna Bedoya and Kimberly Millstone

Cost: $25

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