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Yoga for Teens

Yoga for Teens is a class that teaches teenagers the practice of yoga. We will meet once a week for one hour over a 5 week period. Each week will have a different focus that will be incorporated into a vinyasa flow that offers different variations for all levels. Students can attend just one class or all 5.

Goal: To provide a space for teenagers to heal, learn, and grow through the practice of yoga.

Yoga Basics (June 15 FREE: See below for sign up)

  • This week we will focus on the benefits of yoga. The practice will be a beginner level asana practice focused on connecting breath to movement.

Meditation (June 22)

  • This week will be a restorative practice focused on slowing down and clearing the mind. We will learn meditation techniques and practice listening to our bodies and breath.

Gratitude (June 29)

  • This week we will flow through a practice focused on creating a gratitude attitude. We will take a few minutes before the asana practice to write down a gratitude list and learn the importance of coming from a place of gratitude.

Journaling (July 6)

  • This week we will start and end class with a 5 minute reflection time. We will focus on using writing as a tool to maintain emotional and mental health.

Manifesting (July 13)

  • This week’s practice will focus on manifesting our hopes and dreams. We will learn the importance of our mindset and expectations.

Taking It Off the Mat (July 20)

  • This weeks practice will focus on taking yoga off the mat and into our lives. We will create goals and steps of how to continue this practice even when the program ends.

Facilitator: Liza Anzilotti

Cost: $17 (Drop In), Class Card or Unlimited Monthly

Location: Upstairs/Main Studio

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