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Thrive Into Expansion

Have you been struggling with dealing with certain emotions like stress, anxiety, sadness, insecurity, resentment, criticism?
Does your mind and thought patterns seem to control your behaviors, actions, the way you live your life?
Are you finding it difficult to feel into the sensations of your body? Sometimes it seems there is too much inflammation or pain?
Do you find yourself feeling unsafe, in a state of worry and unease throughout your day?

If you answered yes to any of these and maybe even all of them - know that you are not alone.

Join Brooke Brasfield in a workshop she has created specifically for you. She will be discussing the mind (thought patterns/emotional patterns), body (energetics, movement) and spirit (freedom/support). She will provide applicable techniques to guide you to your specific starting place. Brooke believes we all have the answer(s) to these questions within us, but sometimes we need a guide to lead us to the beginning of the path.

This workshop is an interactive workshop that will provide you with an increased knowledge of yourself and your own mind, body, spirit connection. The workshop is interactive, it will keep you engaged and supported through group interaction and feedback. Brooke's goal is for you to leave the workshop feeling inspired, connected, supported, and with more knowledge about your internal self.

Brooke began her journey as a mental health professional - studying and teaching mindfulness, meditation, stress reduction, anxiety & depression education/techniques, diaphragmatic breathwork and dual diagnosis. She currently identifies her work of serving others as a mentor, teacher, student, healer and conscious leader. Her mission is to hold space for others to feel completely seen, heard and supported exactly where they are in their journey. To activate people to live the life they were meant to live - to live a life that thrives in all capacities. She has dedicated her life to this work - to the daily practice of thriving and activating her own life.

If you are ready for something different. If you are ready to be in a space where you feel completely supported and inspired...come join me!

Facilitator: Brooke Brasfield

Cost: $25

Location: Upstairs/Main Studio

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