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Heart Centered Kundalini Yoga

The heart chakra is said to be the only Chakra from which we are truly human. Everything below, sub human - more animalistic; everything above, beyond human - more angelic. In these 4 Kundalini Yoga classes, we will work to open and balance the heart center to bestow wisdom, nobility, fulfillment of desires, & even a strong immune system.

Opening the heart center can be a profound experience of compassion for others & self love. We will work with different Kundalini Kriyas & Meditations each week, allowing anyone to drop in for any or all of the classes. Each Kriya consists of a combination of mantra (chanting), asana (postures), mudras (hand seals), visualization, and movement. Kundalini is “can-do” yoga. Do what you can, no self judgment for needing a modification or a restful break, and know that your personal best is always more than good enough!

These classes will help feelings of alienation, obligation, need for control, fear, & sadness all fly away from your personality. Open to this unending reservoir of love within you!

Facilitator: Siri Atma Kaur

Cost: $17 drop in, class card, unlimited monthly per class

Location: Upstairs/Studio A

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