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Rest as Transformation

New seasons, new jobs and projects, shifting relationships, journeys toward healing…change is all around us and within us. When change is on the horizon, do you rocket into planning and action? Or do you curl up under the covers? It turns out, your body has the right idea to move in the direction of rest!

We can harness the power of change, no matter how big or small, by learning from the wisdom of rest. Bears hibernate, caterpillars cocoon, seeds nestle and wait patiently in the soil--rest is not a reward for surviving change, but rather a requirement to process it!

This six-week series will utilize the slow and embodied practice of restorative yoga as an approach to understand and enjoy deep and impactful transformation.

Each week, students will be guided through a different phase of the transformation process, and given space to explore these phases through restorative sequences and journaling.

When we create this space for deep rest and inquiry, we are empowered to listen, move, and transform intentionally through the many changes life offers to us all.

Participants are encouraged to arrive 15-20 minutes early in order to settle into the space without rush.

Facilitator: Alicia Delaney

Cost: $80 for all 6 classes

Location: Downstairs/Studio B

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Later Event: September 25
Reiki Training Level II