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A Vinyasa class which centers on connecting the breath with movement. It will be a beginners version, and open to all levels of experience. Class will close with a guided-meditation.

*Community Classes can be attended using a class card or making a donation of any size.


Restorative yoga is the yoga of deep rest. It is an invitation to make self-care a priority. Through gentle movement, simple breathwork, guided relaxation and full support of the body in restorative yoga postures, the student is led into a state of deep rest and healing. This practice is a powerful antidote to the accumulated effects of stress. Quiet the body and mind, melt into stillness, and explore rest as a powerful, spiritual, and medicinal force.


A gentle practice, full of left and right brain activation, pranic breathing, vivid imagery, and storytelling are combined to allow a deeper state of rest. Engage in active meditation as the body is supported in poses for sustained periods of time facilitated by blankets, pillows, and bolsters. No experience necessary.


Chair Yoga takes traditionalYoga postures and provides stability and support through the creative use of a chair.  Poses are done seated on the chair or the chair is used for support during standing and balancing postures. We will modify so that even those with health restrictions, decreased range of motion, and physical challenges can enjoy the benefits of a more traditional practice. This class will awaken areas of the body that have been inactive, create circulation, soothe aching joints, and strengthen muscles, while cultivating mindfulness. Chair Yoga is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and physical conditions and is something you can easily take out of the studio and into your home or office!



Come as you are, and work with what you've got! Time to focus on and love your body for all the wonderful things it CAN do for you. Learn to connect to the body through yoga in an atmosphere that is accepting, welcoming and supportive. Let the power of the practice help you to embrace your uniqueness. This class is empowering and educational but never too serious. Reestablish your connection to you.


There will be movement and flow, and each practitioner will receive healing through Reiki.  Reiki is a spiritual healing art that promotes stress reduction, relaxation and healing. The technique is based on the principle that the healer can channel energy to the receiver (with or without touch) and accentuate the natural healing processes of the body to help restore physical and emotional well-being.


This basics class welcomes new students and experienced practitioners alike. Offered at a slower pace, our basics class focuses on the basic yoga postures, principles of alignment with precise cueing and the significance of the breath in our practice. Modifications and variations for every pose will be offered for diverse body types and abilities.


Looking for a yoga class that energizes while helping you to build strength and flexibility? In this flow class you will link conscious breath with mindful movement. Awaken to your strength, self-awareness, and flexibility in a fun and empowering way! Modifications offered for all experience levels.


Break up the work day with something special just for you! Join us for lunch with 45 minutes of Yoga. This class will help to restore a sense of balance and calm right in the middle of the day, when you may just need it most.


In this class, we will move with intention, slow down and deepen the poses to reveal the hidden gems of awareness, healing and empowerment stored within. Between alignment principles and a heart-based philosophy grounded in your everyday world, you'll be surprised to discover what you're capable of. Yoga Therapy Balls will be provided for and used in this class.



In this yoga class designed for athletes, we will focus on common injuries and areas of wear and tear, improve flexibility, balance, joint mobility, mindfulness and determination, resulting in better performance, a clearer mind and an overall transformation in how you can use yoga as a tool to provide success in training, and in life. This class integrates movement, strength and breath work to help us excel, no matter what your sport or ability level. A thoughtful sequence that reaches the athlete in all of us by improving balance, flexibility, power and stamina which can result in improved performance, injury reduction and faster recovery for athletes of all levels.


A great way to reset and re-energize your whole physical, mental and emotional self. Designed to restore all systems of the body and help release tension. We use props to support the postures, while gently stretching and strengthening the body. Total relaxation and regeneration, just in time to get the new week off to a fresh start.


It’s early and you are up! Might as well carpe diem and flow with the breath in this energizing vinyasa yoga class. Designed to get your mind and body moving as the sun comes up, we will build strength in our shoulders, core, and legs through traditional yoga postures as well as some new and funky variations. You think you need coffee? No, you need this class!


A consistent yoga practice can help us make shifts towards calm and ease through movement, breath, and attention. Our breath anchors us in the present moment and empowers us with the ability to self-regulate. In this class we will increase body awareness, relieve stress, reduce muscle tension and inflammation while sharpening concentration and calming the nervous system. We will learn techniques to coax the body into a relaxation response allowing us to reduce stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Once a relaxation response can be achieved, many people feel that instead of trying to escape their feelings, they can stay with them, which is an essential step toward identifying the factors that trigger intense emotions, and eventually lessen them