Offered at a slower pace, our Basics class focuses on the principles of alignment and the significance of the breath. This is a class for those with little to no yoga experience or those who would like to take things a little slower, hold poses longer and dive into alignment details a little deeper.


For those with some exposure to yoga, including an introduction to basic yoga poses and proper alignment. We will begin to practice some of the components of more expanded postures. Postures will be held a little longer with time to bring awareness to the alignment of your body while in the pose.


Students are familiar with a wide variety of yoga postures, and have begun to explore more advanced variations. Knowledge of postures coupled with breath work brings in an element of excitement and challenge through new sequences and variations.


These classes are suitable for anyone with a basic knowledge of the poses and a desire to be challenged. We will move from simple to advanced postures with lots of modifications offered along the way to fit your level of expertise and enjoyment.


A great way to reset and re-energize your whole physical, mental and emotional self. Designed to restore all systems of the body and help release tension. We use props to support the postures, while gently stretching and strengthening the body. Total relaxation and regeneration, just in time to get the new week off to a fresh start.


MEDITATIVE FLOW (all levels)
This Level 1-2 class is perfect for anyone who wants to explore some of the other aspects of yoga such as breath work and mindfulness. We will incorporate all these while moving. No experience required.