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Yoga Anatomy for Yoga Teachers and Trainees


Yoga is inherently therapeutic. If, and only if, we understand the anatomy of the yoga poses. When we properly line up the bones we coordinate strength with deep core facilitation. We enhance the function of all systems; including nervous, digestive, immune, and endocrine. We maximize breathing mechanics and cardio respiratory potentials. We refine the attention, retention, and insight capabilities of the mind.

Most importantly, it provides the foundation for a sustainable, life long practice. As a yoga teacher our understanding of anatomy is paramount to understanding how the practice lives in our student's bodies.

In this workshop we will review the anatomy of core yoga poses from the perspective of the Iyengar Yoga tradition. We will refine your observation skills, explore common misalignments, distill verbal cueing and hands-on adjustments.

Our goal is to efficiently and affectively support your student's expression of their yoga practice.

FACILITATOR: Glenna Bedoya

COST: $35.00


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