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6 Year Anniversary Party! Holiday Party Open House

Holiday Open House- Celebrate our 6 Year Anniversary with us!

January 1, 1-5pm.

In Numerology, the #6 represents Love, Service, Community and Balance. How better to celebrate, than to celebrate with you!?

You're invited to an afternoon of new beginnings, community and self-care. Stop by for our mini healing sessions, our speaker series, create a vision board, see what Joy of Yoga has to offer, or just come hang out, eat good food and be in community.

Admission is FREE!

Join us for:

Free Guest Speaker Series- see topics below (free)

20min Mini One-on-One Sessions ($20)

Pati Pellerito will be here too! Just back from Nepal with new singing bowls, gongs, and chimes- come see what sound she's brought back!

Create a Vision Board (free)

Local Vendors (vendor priced)

Spiritual Journey Exchange table (free)

Chili, Soup, Tea and tasty desserts (free)

Lecture Series: Speakers every 30 minutes:

Essential Oils- How to Use for Health and Stress Reduction

Practical Everyday Uses for Crystals

6 Simple Tips to Make Your Diet Healthier in the New Year!

New to Yoga? Or Joy of Yoga? Start Here...

Yoga Nidra for Health and Wellness

Using Yoga to Tune Into Your Body's Needs

Using Spirit to Align with Purpose

Benefits of Energy work like Reiki and BEST

Creating an Ayurveda Routine in the New Year

Sign up for a talk here

Sample Our Healing Sessions- 20min for just $20!:

Reiki Energy Healing

Massage Therapy Balls for Pain Relief

Essential Oil Consultation

Transformational Coaching

Private Yoga Session Tailored Specifically For You

BEST Energy Healing Session

Access Bars Technique for Stress Relief

Sign up for a Mini Session Here

Free Consultation with Joy

Starting a yoga practice can feel overwhelming if we don't know where to begin. And, let's face it, walking into a yoga studio can be intimidating. What should you wear? Do you need your own mat? What does Open Level mean? Which classes are best for beginners?

This 20min session will help you navigate all that Joy of Yoga has to offer and set you up for success with a yoga practice in 2019!

Or maybe you have a yoga practice but would like some help aligning the other studio offerings with your personal vision and goals. Consult with Joy and put a plan in place!

Sign Up For a Free Consultation with Joy Here

Spiritual Journey Exchange Table:

Many items help us along on our spiritual journey; books, crystals, CD's, essential oils, oracle cards, etc. Bring anything that has helped you on this journey to find answers or just peace and comfort. If you've outgrown it, donate it to the swap, and of course if there is anything on the table that you'd like, feel free to make it yours!

Food & Beverage

We'll also have soup, chili, tea and healthy desserts!

Let us know you plan to be there - we look forward to spending 2019 with you!