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Conversations with Ascended Masters and Angels: Kwan Yin and Mahavatar Babaji with Karla and David Wilson

Would you like to expand your capacity to receive direct guidance from the spiritual realms in your daily life? Ascended Masters are beings who at one time walked the planet in human form and have subsequently reached enlightenment. They come from multiple cultures and traditions around the globe, work closely with angels and archangels, and are available to reach out and mentor you directly in how to follow the path that they have walked.

In each session we will invite a set of partnering Ascended Masters or Archangels to join us as we create ceremonial space, sing, chant, read invocations, participate in guided meditation, journal write, and/or share our higher guidance within the sacred hoop of community.


Followers of any faith or tradition, as well as the non-religious, are welcome to participate. We invite you to bring with you a curiosity about, and interest in communicating with ascended masters or archangels on your own terms.


Facilitators: Karla & David Wilson


Individual Class $17


Karla & David Wilson consciously model an evolved balance of the feminine and masculine both within themselves and within their relationship. They communicate regularly with Ascended Masters and Archangels, and would like to assist you in expanding your capacity to do the same.


Jan 9: Kwan Yin and Mahavatar Babaji
Kwan Yin and Babaji assist you in dropping into compassion for yourself and others. Allow the waters of compassion to wash over you, and come to drink more deeply of the innocence in your own heart.


Jan 16: Saint Germain and Lady Portia
Saint Germain and Lady Portia work with the violet flame of transformation and transmutation. They support and enhance your ability to release all that no longer serves you.


Feb 13: Archangel Chamuel and Lady Charity
Chamuel and Charity are available to guide you in opening your heart chakra, softening your heart, and expanding your capacity to give and receive love.


Feb 20: The Lemurian Council of Light of Telos
The Telosians rebuilt a civilization after most of the prehistoric culture of Lemuria was destroyed in a massive cataclysm. They have since ascended and are ready to assist you in navigating your own ascension process.


March 12: Beloved Virgo (Mother Earth) and Pelleur
Mother Earth helps us to ground so that we can expand. Her companion Pelleur governs the elements that support all life on this planet.


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Later Event: January 10
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