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SOLD OUT! A Guided Sound Journey - Connecting with your True Self

This event is sold out! Join us for our next Sound experience on April 6. You can sign up here:

During this unique sound experience, Pati creates an environment that is restorative, rejuvenating and transcendent. You will be led on a guided journey. With sustained resonance, the wide range of frequencies brings your awareness within, deep into your core.

Himalayan singing bowls gently soothe the senses sending waves of healing energy through spirit-mind-body. An energy field is created, through sound and vibration space is held with compassionate awareness, allowing you an opportunity to journey inward.
In this supported environment designed for surrendering to the sounds, you may notice subtle quiet differences that encourage insights and clarity.

Pati's sessions are intuitive, meditative, immersive and therapeutic. You will be guided into a slow immersion of sound-waves with Himalayan Singing Bowls, Gongs and other interesting sounds. An environment is created that supports you in surrendering to the deeper rhythms of your life.

Facilitator: Pati Pellerito

Cost: $25

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