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Celestial Changes: Taurus Season

As the stars shift and change, so do we! Have you ever noticed the different energies that feel present throughout the year? Have you wanted to become in rhythm with the natural energies of your world?

Celestial Changes will be held each month to help you sync up with the earth’s natural rhythms and yours.

The Sun goes into Taurus on April 20. Taurus is the tried, the true, the stable, and the dependable sun-sign of the zodiac. Ready for more of that in you life?

Join Astrologist & Herbalist, Aurora Dea Luna, to learn the energies of the Bull. With meditation & journaling we’ll discuss what to expect during the season, & how to make the most of what Taurus has to bring. Please bring a journal.

Facilitator: Aurora Dea Luna

Cost: $15 Drop-In, Class Card, Unlimited Monthly

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